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GlobeOwl Solutions Inc. is a technology company that builds simple, powerful monitoring solutions for municipal and industrial applications.

GlobeOwl’s mission is to transform the air and water monitoring industry by providing private cloud-based monitoring in addition to wireless on-site equipment as a monthly subscription service (Data as a Service - DaaS).

We leverage our sister company’s 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and selling advanced Gas Analyzer instruments for emissions monitoring.

GlobeOwl's solutions are "always on" air and water quality monitoring platforms that are designed to provide accurate data and precise reporting while helping our clients address real business issues, quickly and reliably.

Our tight-knit experienced leadership and technology team is committed to realizing the ambitious goal of providing secure and accurate source emissions data to drive operational efficiency and compliance for a low monthly cost.

GlobeOwl Solutions' Philosophy

The R6 industrial process loop of Regulating, Reading, Researching, Reacting, Realizing, and Refining benefits from advances in IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing technologies; GlobeOwl leverages this to provide affordable subscription based air, water and physical monitoring solutions that are comprehensive, flexible and scalable.

Reasons to Monitor:

  • To replace obsolete or faulty equipment

  • To automate or improve automation

  • To expand capacity

  • To improve efficiency (lower operating expenses, raw material and energy requirements)

  • To minimizing transgressing by-products

  • To rationalize capital expenditures

  • To satisfy compliance and safety requirements

  • To curtail offending odors

  • To establish historical analyzable data

  • To enable remote notification and control

  • To address security needs 

Monitoring, Alarming & Reporting Applications:


  • Water and Wastewater Plants

  • Waste / Landfill and Incineration Sites

  • Rendering and Petrochemical Plants

  • Power Plants

  • Food Production

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Construction, Quarry and Mining Sites

  • Restaurants

  • Particulate Matter Monitoring Networks

  • Remote or Fence line Monitoring

  • Nuisance Dust Detection and Alerts

  • Industrial Site Compliance Monitoring

  • Roadside / Urban PM Measurement

  • Community Exposure Studies: Schools, Residential, Hospitals, Epidemiological

  • Automatic Dust Control Systems

  • Smoke / Biomass Burn-Off

  • Study Short or Long Term Air Quality

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