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Modelling, Analysis & Management

Featuring: Envirosuite

GlobeOwl gives you the power to run your operation with confidence and efficiency. The Calpuff dispersion model uses your site’s weather information and forecast to simulate how your operations impact your surrounding area. Use the 72 hour forecast to assess predicted risk, plan activities, optimize operations and prevent adverse community impacts. The incident intelligence and management platform is the link between your operation and the community. The complaints app will help you build trust and address cause and effect quickly, effectively and consistently.


Identify Operational Impact

Visualize the effect of your operations on the community in order to react accordingly and adapt for the future.

Run Multiple Scenarios

Visualize forecasted outcomes, consider costs and community impact to identify and select optimum actions and corresponding implementation times.

Reduce Risk with Alerts

Receive threshold alerts, so you can promptly respond and avoid escalated incidents.


Interpret Your Reports

Identify times of high risk for the next three days, down to the hour, with color coded reports based on your requirements.


Incident Intelligence

The secure portal receives public complaints and produces a support ticket to save data entry and management time. It automatically runs powerful analysis tools that help identify the source of the incident.


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Ellona Senses & Instrumentation

Ellona (formerly Rubix) is a reference in air quality, safety & wellness. Sensor solutions can remotely monitor Noise, Airborne Particles & Gases, Light, Vibration and other environmental parameters.

Outdoor Environment

The WT1 device is designed for outdoor use and includes an array of field-based Gas sensors & Odor anlyzers for continual source and fence line monitoring of VOCs, Odors & Air pollutants. 

  • Monitor Odor & Gas emissions 24/7

  • Predict odor nuisance

  • Identify odor sources with smart pattern recognition software

  • Perform source and fence line monitoring

  • Receive real-time alerts via email and SMS

  • Monitor remotely over the Internet

  • Include in network of WT1s and PoDs (see below)

  • Add field weather station(s)

The WT1 includes:

  • Communications via cellular carrier

  • Solar panel and rechargeable battery power options

  • Process control output

  • Auto-calibration and easy maintenance

  • Industry specific tailored solutions

  • Noise measurement option

  • Up to 6 electrochemical and 4 MOS sensors and Particulate Matter scanner

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Indoor Environments

The Ellona PoD is designed for indoor use and may work in a network of Ellona PoDs and WT1(s). Like the WT1, the PoD remotely monitors a variety of parameters which may be individually, or in combination, a nuisance or heath risk to those in the area. 

  • Monitor beyond the fence line!

  • Correlate readings with emission sources

  • Track  the feelings and opinions of affected individuals using web questionnaire quickly accessible via QR Code 

  • Improve productivity, work-place efficiency

  • Decrease absenteeism

The PoD is:

  • Elegantly designed to sit on a desk or hung on the wall

  • Suited for Hotels, Schools, Malls, Subways, Airports, Restaurants, etc.

  • WiFi or LORA equipped

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