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Ellona Senses & Instrumentation

Ellona is a reference in air quality, safety & wellness. Sensor solutions can remotely monitor Noise, Airborne Particles & Gases, Light, Vibration and other environmental parameters.

Outdoor Environment

The WT1 device is designed for outdoor use and includes an array of field-based Gas sensors & Odor anlyzers for continual source and fence line monitoring of VOCs, Odors & Air pollutants. 

  • Monitor Odor & Gas emissions 24/7

  • Predict odor nuisance

  • Identify odor sources with smart pattern recognition software

  • Perform source and fence line monitoring

  • Receive real-time alerts via email and SMS

  • Monitor remotely over the Internet

  • Include in network of WT1s and PoDs (see below)

  • Add field weather station(s)

The WT1 includes:

  • Communications via cellular carrier

  • Solar panel and rechargeable battery power options

  • Process control output

  • Auto-calibration and easy maintenance

  • Industry specific tailored solutions

  • Noise measurement option

  • Up to 6 electrochemical and 4 MOS sensors and Particulate Matter scanner

Download Datasheet:

Indoor Environments

The Ellona PoD is designed for indoor use and may work in a network of Ellona PoDs and WT1(s). Like the WT1, the PoD remotely monitors a variety of parameters which may be individually, or in combination, a nuisance or heath risk to those in the area. 

  • Monitor beyond the fence line!

  • Correlate readings with emission sources

  • Track  the feelings and opinions of affected individuals using web questionnaire quickly accessible via QR Code 

  • Improve productivity, work-place efficiency

  • Decrease absenteeism

The PoD is:

  • Elegantly designed to sit on a desk or hung on the wall

  • Suited for Hotels, Schools, Malls, Subways, Airports, Restaurants, etc.

  • WiFi or LORA equipped

Download Datasheet:

Rubix WT1 Chart.png
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