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Professional Services

Ambient air quality can affect people’s health onsite and in the community. More than just affecting workforce health, contributing to a polluted environment can erode profits and cloud corporate image. GlobeOwl’s ambient air quality monitoring and assessment consulting service provides a high level evaluation of operational impact. If necessary, with available site intelligence, mitigation and management plans may be developed and run to ensure operations are optimized and consistent with an organization's environmental and safety goals.

GlobeOwl Professional Services Include:

  • Site Examination, Emissions Monitoring, State Assessment & Problem Analysis

  • Contamination and Odor Mitigation Plan Development 

  • General Site Odor Management Plan Development

GlobeOwl uses precise sensors and monitoring techniques to analyze ambient air and monitor emissions. Our environmental engineering department specializes in analyzing and addressing air contaminants, odor emissions and greenhouse gases.

Site Examination & Analysis

Monitoring and data analysis lead to understanding the odor sources and impact of your operations, which is the basis for developing well suited and adapted mitigation and management plans.

Data analysis services include adapted graphs and figures in correspondence with meteorological conditions, sources and operations. The data is analyzed in view of answering main objectives including:

  • Assessing the impact of specific sources or of the general site

  • Comparing up-wind and downwind data

  • Revealing new information from the data.

Mitigation Plan Development

Services include developing operational plans for air contaminant and odor mitigation. Once the examination and analysis has been completed, such plans may be built consisting of the identification and technical background on technologies and engineering approaches chosen for the specific conditions.


Site Odor Management Plans

A successful and proactive odor management plan is developed by identifying a number of factors that collectively achieve the minimization of odor nuisances efficiently. Included is an ongoing management system to improve responsiveness through communication and preventive strategies, leading to the continued reduction of offensive odor emissions.

Special Services

Permitting Support Services

  • Air and odor emission inventories

  • Air and odor dispersion modelling

  • Air quality and odor permitting

  • Recordkeeping and reporting

Management of Emissions and Impacts

  • Environmental auditing services

  • Control technology analysis and mitigation plan development for atmospheric emissions

  • Environmental outsourcing services

  • Assistance with source monitoring and ambient air monitoring, data analysis and reporting

Company Training

  • Litigation support

  • Personnel training

  • Third party liaison with public authorities

  • Communication with citizens and establishment of citizen committees

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